Getting To Know Upwork


Upwork is already one of the largest talent-marketplace since I had known it back in 2010. Actually, it was in oDesk when I started out my freelancing career. After oDesk and Elance announced their merger, they totally rebranded to Upwork. From oDesking to Upworking. ūüėČ


Getting Around

There are two types of contract or project you’ll find in Upwork, fixed-price and an hourly projects.

Fixed-price is what you and your client agreed to the price of a project. For example, $30 for checking if the 500 list of business names s/he provided are verified on Goole Maps. The client may pay upfront or pay the whole amount after you delivered the entire list. Note that payment for fixed-price projects was not guaranteed before. But thanks to the new Fixed-Price Protection for Freelancers, contractors¬†don’t have to worry if they’ll get the payment or not.

On the other hand, an hourly project¬†is the safest contract you’ll ever have. Both parties I guess. On this contract, there is something called tracking time. It records your work activity, from the number of keystrokes, to the number of mouse-click you made and to a snapshot of your screen every 10 minutes. Payment is secure because of the ‘Upwork Hourly Protection.’ Even before, I do prefer hourly projects.

How You Get To Choose The Right Job?

Once you already are done signing-up, creating your profile is just one of the baby steps to get into the ‘job hunter‘ status or ‘Rising Talent’ as Upwork call it now. Before, I needed to pass the oDesk Readiness Test before I could even bid for any job posting I want to apply. I think it is called¬†Upwork Readiness Test now. It is a test to prove that you are indeed ready and all aware of Upwork’s policy and terms and even familiar with the platform.

Once you are all set. Searching jobs may sound as complicated, but Upwork has made it organize as possible. You can sort category by category.

Is All Job Posting Legit? 

I don’t think so. Pick the job posting where the Client section has a blue check, means payment verified. Make sure also when clicking a job post, you also get to check the client’s history so can attest if it will be a good working relationship with them. Because you know, you can’t be everything to anyone.



How To Win A Contract?

Bidding the right Rate

The last time I checked, Upwork has set $3.00/hr as a minimum rate for a freelancer. But I think, upon applying for a job you can lower your hourly bidding. If I am a newbie in the platform, I think I would do that. But don’t think that you are devaluing yourself, think of it as a starting point.

Apply like The FLash

When you choose a job to apply for, I suggest don’t bid on any project that posted hours ago especially if you’re a newbie. Refresh the result page from time to time to see the latest job posting and apply, apply, apply.

Be Relevant

Okay. Apply, apply, apply is not just the key here. Reading the job posting comprehensively and getting on the same page as to your potential client is a must. You must understand what they needed and how you can help. Then share your input in your application or cover letter. Sometimes, the client will provide additional questions to see if you’re fit for the job.

Provide Sample

Before deciding to try Upwork, what was your job? Then take it from there. I’m sure your experience will lead you to something. Okay, I get it, you’re a newbie. You want to try Admin Support such as data-entry or web research? Sure.

Although if you don’t have experience and no sample to provide, I suggest you should check job postings and try them out. Practice and take it as your learning phase. It will be worth it.



Picking a job to apply is as hard as choosing a client. Long-term work relationship may seem like a rare gem, but all the hardship will be paid-off.

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