Formerly Rapportive

Perhaps you are still saying Rapportive instead of Sales Navigator for Gmail. Honestly, I still do.

I mean, you know, who would say that long defining name right?

Anyhow, Rapportive was very helpful throughout my lead generation career. Since 2015, I extensively use this tool to help my clients with their list building projects.

What Is Rapportive

It is a Gmail Add-on that shows the data of the person you are emailing or the person who sent you an email.

What Is It For Me

It helps me to identify an email address of someone, either it is business or personal.

Note: I use this product for email-guessing.

How I Use Rapportive

It’s down easy as memory lane.

I open Gmail, click Compose, and start typing the possible email address format.

How Do I Know If It Is The Right Email Address

When I finished typing the email address, I hover over it, and it will give me the profile of the person I am looking. For example my profile:


For business email address, these are the common format you can get:

Is It Verified?

I would say, it is above 90% verified.


There is no perfect tool you can find, yet. And Rapportive has its own gaps as well.

There was one time when my client told me that 90% of the list of email address from one company bounced back.

Yeah, it happened!

As for my part, confused, I quickly check it because I might have mistaken, but no, the profile exists. The client also has tried it himself.

Reason for this would be perhaps they changed email format recently; the company might have been newly acquired.

Another loophole is, even it gives you the match profile you are looking for, sometimes when you hover over the email address; the G+ name is different. My take would be, follow or use the G+ profile over Rapportive.


I have started using the Sales Navigator for Gmail last July 2017. I was desperately looking for an alternative for Rapportive because it kept on buffering, and I can’t afford another waiting time for when it will be okay. I have been experiencing a lot of glitches as well. I was even searching if Rapportive is compatible with Firefox, that was the time I discovered Sales Navigator for Gmail. And thinking that Linkedin has entirely put good use of acquiring Rapportive.

This is how Sales Navigator for Gmail looks like.


Not only the Linkedin and Twitter account of Meagen but also her website(s). On the Icebreakers section, it shows not just our shared connections but also the group we both are members. Isn’t it cool?

I only have Sales Navigator Professional account, and TeamLink is only available to Team and Enterprise plans. I’m sure this feature is pretty useful too. You can read about it here.


Do you also use Rapportive? How do you use this product?


Add this extension to your Chrome browser.

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