So, when it all started?

I was turning 19 when I started my first job as a link builder (SEO), that was the time when I was introduced more to the internet world. There’s more than Friendster. 😅

You know, young, free, emotional, reckless not-so-teenager gal needed a medium. So I created a blog here in WordPress.com, nenskeifacestheworld.wordpress.com, six years ago to be an outlet for my randomness.

It was more like a journal; full of poems, haikus, feelings, thoughts, ideas of love, and admiration everything about the universe. A very personal blog back then, the network grows, getting to know more people/bloggers as time passes by, then started writing my opinions, experiences, travels, joining meme’s and getting more expressive. I was so poetic back then, no kidding, and I wonder where did that part of me go? Lost? Or perhaps gone!

I never changed my URL, but I did change my Blog Name a lot and even created many different blogs. HAHA! If you are my follower since then, you would really know. LOL. From The Way I Live Naturally (I find it a little bit cheesy, I mean, sounds so young – haha), Trails of Nenskei, Shiradverturist, SheSpotted, ANoteToLife, BeingShira, and ByNenskei. Those were so far I can remember. HAHA

Yes, I can’t really make up my mind! Even buying a domain through WordPress.com didn’t stop my paranoia about changing, creating and deleting subdomain.wordpress.com. Yeah, you read it right! Also, a friend of mine has gotten used to my pattern. Create – Blog – Delete – Create.

So why I was stuck with using my WordPress URL as my blog name previously?

Aside from the fact that I also created the nenskei.wordpress.com and deleted the website, the truth is, I have no other choice. You know that feeling when you’re finally graduating to college and excited for your yearbook issue, and you’ll have to choose a saying or even create your own inspirational message? Well, I have nothing in my mind when I was asked for mine, call it as writer’s block, so I just submitted the paper wherein the only words I wrote down was “Nenskei Faces The World” – with no hesitation. Well, I guess that is what I have been doing since then? Facing the world? Who knows, someone might see my profile and even search that message – someone might found me. 😉

Actually, the nenskei.com domain is still live. I can’t seem to let it go. You might ask why not just use it, right? Well, I just can’t see myself go through to the self-hosted blog. I tried it back before but naaah! Or even just continue connecting to any wordpress.com subdomain? I don’t know what is wrong with my semi-wrecked mind, HAHAHA, but I just don’t like it.


So, why shiraph.com now?


Despite my paranoia of creating-deleting blog, why did I end up here?

You might say, “she’ll eventually delete this blog…blah blah blah.”


I want somehow to take my freelancing life seriously. I mean, I am serious and good (if you allow me to say) of my work and I want to build up my personal brand. So this blog, shira.ph, would be my outlet for that. Sharing in between freelancing and personal life, but inevitably not way too personal. Or the latter one might just be a lie.

I’ve been freelancing for long already, and my friends do wonder how do I do it. I hope this blog would be perhaps an answer to their how’s and why’s or even for those aspiring ones who want to quit their 9-5 job or also get an extra income.


About Me?

Nothing much. Just a gal from PH who’s just around the web.